Manifesting a Magical 2014

Manifesting a Magical 2014: Clearing Space

Written by: Anne Bolender

TnT Thursday is coming to you on Friday this week – hope everyone in the United States had/is still having, a wonderful Thanksgiving!! This week’s Tips and Techniques are focused on clearing space to make room for all the big changes that you will be manifesting into your life in 2014.

As last Monday’s post pointed out, there are three areas in our life where most of us can clear space: with our thoughts; with our time; and with our physical environment.

So some tips and techniques for clearing space in our thoughts are:

1) meditation. I know, you knew I was going to say that! But have you stopped to hear the cacophony of self-talk that goes on inside you head all day, every day. Meditation is a technique that allows us to slow these thoughts down and gives us some mental space and energy to concentrate on manifesting some magic in our lives.

2) focus on one thought. This is a form of meditation where, rather than trying to quiet all of you thoughts completely, you focus on one positive thought – an affirmation, an “I am” statement (for example: I am a strong and loving person capable of change; or I am a brilliant entrepreneur in high demand), a mantra (Dare to be different), or some other focused thought. This gives you space to focus on and think about the changes you want to manifest into your life.

3) snap an elastic. This is a powerful technique that I learned from a brilliant coach. Wear an elastic band on you wrist and every time you feel your thoughts tumbling out of control – becoming really negative, self-critical, fearful, or overwhelming, snap the elastic on your wrist and think “Stop” then consciously think of something pleasant and positive – how you will feel when you manifest your goals, the next step you want to take towards your goal, calm crystal blue waters lapping against a soft sand beach.

Some tips and techniques for clearing space in our schedules are:

1) Better it; Barter it; Bag it. Our schedules can get pretty jammed up with lots of activities, mostly around the holidays but hectic happens any time of the year. Change needs time: time to learn how to do what you want to do; time to think about what you want to accomplish; time to write out plans; time to research options, to get involved with groups, organizations, and associations; time to do what you need to do in order to manifest the changes you want, This free time is hard to find if your day is already booked solid from start to finish with activities.

With the Better it, Barter it, or Bag it technique, you go through your calendar and look at every activity you are involved in. For each and every activity find a way to Better it by combining it with another activity that you have also scheduled.

To Barter it by finding a way to have someone else do the activity for you. There are a lot of very effective, very efficient, very inexpensive Personal Assistants and Virtual Assistants, House Cleaners, that you can hire to do any number of daily tasks, even personal ones.

Or you could Bag it altogether. If a task or activity that you are doing no longer needs to be done, stop doing it. Let the house cleaning go for longer periods of time. Holiday preparations that have become traditions, find out if anyone still wants them or if you are continuing them out of habit. If no one wants the 12 different homemade desserts any longer, don’t bake them!! Free up the time spent doing these unnecessary activities to devote to manifesting the awesome changes you want in your life.

Some tips and techniques for clearing space in our physical environment are:

1) Clear out the Clutter. Clutter is anything that no longer has a purpose in your life. Start with one drawer in a desk or one shelf in a cupboard and clear it out. One pile for the trash, one pile to donate, and one pile to keep. For each item, decide if there is a specific reason to keep it (and making you happy is a very good reason to keep something). If you cannot think of a reason, then either trash it or donate it. When one drawer or one shelf is clear, declare that it is your space for keeping your manifesting tools, and make it so. Then move on to another space, perhaps the corner of a room, and do the same things there – find a reason to keep each item, or trash it or donate it. Once the corner of the room is cleared go for the rest of the room.

2) Decluttering to release you from the past you are trying to change. When you declutter your environment, watch for items that keep you rooted in the very past that you are trying to change. For example, get rid of gifts from an old boyfriend that remind you of who you used to be. Remove souvenirs or tools from hobbies and activities you used to enjoy but that no longer fit who you are wanting to become. Getting rid of these items reduces the hold your past has on you and makes room for you to manifest new possibilities. Replace these old items from your past with new treasures that encourage and inspire you to continue manifesting your dreams, and that draw you into your new future.

These are just a couple of the tools and techniques that you can use to clear space to make room for manifesting new opportunities, and for making the changes you want to make in order for you to become the you that you were meant to be.

Next weeks manifesting posts are going to focus on gaining clarity and focus to help you manifest some awesome!! See you then 🙂


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