I cannot do all the good the world needs, but the world needs all the good I can doChanging the world, even by one small step at a time can have an amazing, positive impact!

There’s been a lot of news over the pst few years about Greta Thunberg, the twenty year old from Sweden, and her railing against a political system that is slowly letting our world decay.

She’s fierce, she’s angry, but most of all she’s passionate about protecting our world. That passion, that fierceness, and that fire she has fuels her willingness to stand strong in her beliefs, and to pull no punches.

In a couple of years, she has managed to go from relative obscurity, to becoming a contender for a Nobel Peace Prize, someone who is known known world wide for her environmental activism – and she’s just getting started!

Greta Thunberg is a shining example of what one person fuelled by passion, anger, and a desire to have an impact can accomplish.


“Please believe in THE POWER OF ONE. One person can make an enormous difference in the world. One person – actually one idea – can start a war, or end one, or subvert an entire power structure. One discovery can cure a disease or spawn new technology to benefit or annihilate the human race. You as ONE individual can change millions of lives. Think bis. Do not limit your vision and do not ever compromise your dreams or ideals.”

Iris Chang

Susan B. Anthony, Margaret Higgins Sanger, Rosa Parks, Betty Friedan, Coretta Scott King, Heather Jarvie and Sonya Barnett, Wangari Maathai, Malala Yousafzai, Obiageli Ezekwesili, Gloria Steinem, Angela Davis, Joan of Arc, bell hooks, Indrani Goradia…..different ages, different eras, different nationalities, different causes, different methods of activism, one thing in common – a passion to make the world a better place that was fuelled by an anger at the way things were. And individually, one-by-one, they have made the world a better place for millions of people.

Not everyone needs to be a Greta Thunberg, or a Gloria Steinham, or a Rosa Parks in order to express themselves and make change happen. Each one of us has a unique voice, a unique way of expressing ourselves, and a unique message that others want to hear.

What are you passionate about? What change would you like to see in the world? What one idea do you have that might improve the lives of others?

Start small. What one thing would you change in your life, one thing that would make your life better?  Write, mentor, donate, be a public speaker, be an activist, there are so many different ways to express yourself.

Not sure which cause to support (I know, there are so many important issues that need our attention right now!!), ask yourself which one makes you the most angry, or the most scared? That’s where your passion lies!

So, what cause or issue taps into your passion? Environmental issues? Climate issues? Human Rights issues? What one thing can you do right now to support that cause or that issue?  What’s stopping you from changing the world, one small step at a time???