great-wall-of-chinaHave you ever wondered what would happen if you used the power of deliberate creation when you traveled? Would it work? What would you set an intention for? What would you try to manifest? And how would you go about doing this? Would you manifest first class travel and accommodations? Or wildly exciting ans unusual experiences? Ooooh, the possibilities!

These are questions I have been asking myself recently as I start making some major travel plans. It’s been awhile since I have set foot on European soil and I wouldn’t mind spending some quality time over there next year. I have had friends, Facebook friends and fellow coaches manifest travel experiences like being bumped to the First Class section of an airplane, which is always fun. But I am wondering what else might be possible: what unusual and exciting experiences could I manifest?

So, first steps for deliberately creating some awesome travel experiences would be to get clear on what I want to manifest, something out-of-the-ordinary and unusual. My last trip to Europe was to Edinburgh where my husband and I were able to wander through a behind-the-scenes portion of the Palace of Holyroodhouse, where tourists rarely wander.

We also had an enlightening conversation with one of the guides at the National Gallery where he pointed out how the gallery we were in was specifically designed to contain elements of the paintings that were being displayed there. The same table in the one painting sat in the middle of the gallery. A bench from another painting faced the painting it was a part of. The floor pattern was the same as the floor in a couple of the paintings. He rarely shared that information with anyone. The guide said he thought we would be interested, so he shared, and we were. Even my sister-in-law, a regular visitor of the Gallery, hadn’t been aware of the unique features of that particular room! These are the types of experiences I will get clear on having again. More importantly, these experiences provided the feelings that I would love to experience again.

Then, once I have clarity around the travel experiences I would like to have and the feelings I am looking for, I will set Polesden Laceymy intention – journaling what it would be like to taste test some heavenly Belgian chocolate, or being invited to explore an old ch√Ęteau, or stumbling upon a magnificent deserted ruin.

And finally, once the intention has been set, once the feelings have been defined, then it is time to release all desires for these experiences and feelings. This is the challenging part of the manifesting process. The ability to set aside desire and longing, to trust that these experiences and these feelings will be there and recognizable, this is not always so easy to do. Fortunately I have plenty of time to practice my deliberate creation skills, closer to home and on smaller travel adventures.

Have you tried deliberately creating magical and unusual travel experiences? If you have I would be delighted to hear about them.