Owl in a TreeWhen I first started learning about how to develop my intuition, the examples that were being used to illustrate intuition consisted of things like predicting the movement of the Dow Jones Daily Average or the daily price of gold, which is awesome, but not always the most relevant use of intuition on a daily basis (at least, not in my life).

Oh, there were the other examples that were often used to practise developing your intuition with – identifying who is phoning you before you answer the phone (I’m not sure this works quite as well for texts!!); or determining whether your newly pregnant friend will have a boy or a girl – or twins!!

These uses for intuition feel more like fun ‘parlor trick’ uses for this skill, but not something that I had found much use for in my daily life, so I began to look at possible opportunities of when and where I would use intuition on a regular basis in my life. After all, if I was going to go to all of the trouble of developing this skill, I wanted to know that it would be of some relevance to me, in my daily life. What I discovered was really quite interesting.

From what I can tell, every decision I make throughout every day is based on three things: information, experience, and intuition.

However, for me (a strongly developed left-brain logical/analytical person) I found that intuition’s voice usually comes through very quietly, as a whisper, while information’s and experience’s voices tend to come through much louder, more like thought-shouts. This results in my intuition’s voice being drowned out by both information and experience…….unless I consciously quiet my thoughts and listen for my intuition.

Now, the types of decisions that I tend to make most often on a daily basis include decisions on what food to eat or what activities to engage in, so I thought I would try an experiment and let my intuition guide my food choices, rather than allowing information and experience (which also includes emotional eating) to decide what I was going to eat and in what amounts. I am still experimenting with this use of my intuition and, so far, I am very pleased with the results!!

Intuitive eating is an interesting way to allow our bodies to determine what food we eat, how much food we eat. It helps us understand why we crave certain foods, what emotional attachments we have to food – basically Intuitive Eating provides us with a path to a more natural, respectful relationship between our bodies and food. 

Intuitive eating is not a difficult skill to develop. In fact, most people engage in intuitive eating on a fairly regular basis, but don’t always recognise that what they are doing is intuitive eating. For example, have you ever stood in front of the refrigerator with the door wide open and thought to yourself “Hmmmm, what do I feel like eating? Left over pizza? No!! Eggs? No. Cereal? No. Banana?!? Hmmmm, that sounds good! I’ll have the banana.” If you have done this, or something like it, you have engaged in intuitive eating.

Now, I am someone with 50 or so pounds to lose, again!! I have tried all kinds of diets with varying degrees of success. What I’ve noticed is, since I have been exploring intuition and trying to develop my intuition, my eating habits had changed. I am no longer thought-obsessed by having a dessert after every meal, or with eating high calorie foods. You know what I mean by ‘thought-obsessed’ – that’s when you start thinking about having a dessert and end up feeling agitated or stressed until you finally have something sweet!! Yeah – that!!

“Thought-obsessed” about sweets and high calorie foods was something that happened to me on every single “diet” I was ever on!! The more I kept telling myself I can’t have the chocolate, or the alfredo, or the bread, the more I wanted it, because, Law of Attraction!!! Thoughts don’t work in the negative. The more I obsessed about not being able to have the chocolate, the sweets, the rich and creamy, the more I felt restricted with what I couldn’t eat, the more the Universe tried to send me sweets, and rich and creamy, and chocolate because that is what the universe thought I wanted.

When I stopped making decisions about what I wanted to eat based on the logical arguments of information and experience, when I stopped obsessing over trying to willpower my way through not wanting certain foods, and started to make decisions based on intuition, the easier it became to relax and stop obsessing over “food”.

Have I lost weight?? Yes!!

How much? I don’t know because I no longer own a scale – but- I am down one pant size, and that is fine with me.

Now I just need to find a way to get intuition and my Higher Self to help me be motivated to become more active. It’s a work in progress!!