Love versus HappinessRecently, there have been a lot of conversations, blogs, and information published that is focused on happiness. Happiness as a means of making significant successful changes in a person’s life, and as the basis for building an ideal life on. If the job you are thinking of applying for doesn’t make you happy then don’t apply for it. Or if the person you are having a relationship with doesn’t make you happy, then find someone who does to share your life with.

And this is all really great and definitely a good way to build an enjoyable life.

In fact, I really enjoy being happy. Living a life of happiness is so much better than living a life that is led by any other dominant emotion or vibration. One of the most important concepts (if not the most important concept) of the Law of Attraction is that the first thing everyone should do before they attempt any manifesting, is to get happy!!


Happiness is just one emotion. As a human being I have a whole range of emotions that I fully appreciate and want to experience as they arise and are relevant to what is happening in my life.

Recently, a much loved member of the tribe of coaches that I belong to, passed away. The sadness and grief that was expressed by her friends, clients, and peer coaches was so strong it could easily be felt through the internet.

There was no happiness in this situation. No way to turn what had happened into something to rejoice or feel happy about. The only option, the best option in my perception, was to feel the grief and sadness until that grief and sadness was complete and decided to leave on its own. Anything less, any attempt to force happiness in a situation like this was unthinkable.

But what was also there, amidst the grief and pain and sadness of this huge loss, was a real feeling of love for someone who had touched so many lives in truly amazing ways.

And on the very day I had heard about this person’s passing and was reading the messages with their outpourings of sadness and grief, I also saw this message from Rumi: “This is a subtle truth: whatever you love, you are.” Yes, I do believe in synchronicity.

Happiness is an emotional response to what we do in our lives, to the actions, the experiences, the activities that make up our lives. And yes, the more actions, experiences and activities in our life that make us happy, the better our life will be.


If, through all the actions, the experiences, and the activities that make up my life, including those that elicit the full range of human emotional responses I have, I can still feel love along with that emotion, then that’s who I am, not just what I do, or what my life is like.

What if I built my life on things that I love, rather than on things that made me happy? The travel experience isn’t something that makes me happy every single step of the way, but travel is something I love.  Because travel something I love, then the parts of travel that make me frustrated, even angry, are all part of what makes travel so wildly awesome and lovable. And that is who I want to be. And that is the life I want to live and am working on building right now – on bringing into my life things that are so wildly awesome that I will love, unconditionally, every aspect of them – including the times when they don’t make me feel happy.

Unconditional love and unconditional self-love is a love that goes way beyond happiness. Those are the activities, the experiences that I want to be. That I can experience a life full of unconditional love and unconditional self-love through even the deepest, most painful bouts of grief, or sadness, or fear, or frustration, well that’s the wildly awesome life I’m looking for.


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