green easy way road sign

Written by: Anne Bolender

I don’t know about you, but this past winter has been a brutal one. Even the thought of trying to make a major change or a complicated transformation in my life right now is beyond what I want to attempt.

Supercharging my superpowers!! Yeah, not going to happen …. at least not until the weather warms up, the ice and snow disappears, and the flowers are blooming again. Right now, I am all about manifesting easy. Quality easy, not lazy easy. The kind of easy that feels like you are floating downstream in a gently rocking boat – and that is exactly the direction you are wanting to go! That calm, smooth flow that leads to awesome!!

This isn’t manifesting made easy, where manifesting is simple, but what you are trying to manifest is big and complicated and your life ends up being big and complicated – I am talking about easily manifesting a life of pure, quality, easy!

I tried it out the other day. Last Friday. Friday’s are usually frustrating days to drive anywhere around where I live. There is always a lot of traffic, a lot more traffic than on other days. Everyone is in a hurry to get where they are going and back home again, eager to start their weekends.  I could have gone the difficult way, get caught up in the frustration and stress of the Friday drive, like I normally do, but last Friday I decided to try something different. I decided to try the easy way.

All through the drive, I kept repeating “I love to live the easy way. Today is an easy day!” Okay, so I’m not the best at creating catchy affirmations, and I’m a terrible poet!

But holy cow!!!

It was amazing.

I caught every green light; there were long stretches of highway where I was the only car on that part of the road (even sections which are normally really busy); I stopped for gas and there was no-one else at either the pumps (normally there is a bit of a wait) or at the car wash. It was, without a doubt, the easiest Friday drive I have had in ages – since I can remember!!

Dare I dream! Could this also work in other areas of my life??

When I got home that Friday, I took a wander through one of the forums that I love accessing, and one of the conversations that was going on there was about a book – “Choosing Easy World” by Julia Rogers Hamrick. I love the way the Universe works! Questions answered in record time, that was easy 🙂

Today, I am choosing to live a life of Quality Easy.

A life of Quality Easy happens when work feels like play; when I trust my self, my courage, my self-confidence to follow my dreams and to build my ideal life.

A life of Quality Easy draws success to me, on my terms.

Manifesting easy, Quality Easy……easy as!!!