Manifesting a Magical 2014 - Gaining Clarity and Focus

Manifesting a Magical 2014: Gaining Clarity and Focus


Written by: Anne Bolender

Imagine what you could accomplish if you had an internal compass that unerringly brought you back to your truest path and your authentic self. This is what clarity can do for you.

Clarity is all about being in alignment with your authentic self and knowing what brings you joy, what amplifies your well-being, what adds ease and success to your life.

Clarity is knowing what your core values, your inner drivers, your core desired feelings are and then drawing on them to gain focus, to set daily intentions and amp up your manifesting magic to achieve your grandest goals and your wildest dreams.

When you identify your core values and core desired feelings, you identify what you want most of in your life. Do you want adventure and freedom, or comfort and companionship?  Do you want to feel excited, curious, motivated, relaxed, joyful, peaceful, affluent, needed, autonomous?

Once you have gained clarity around what your specific core values and your core desired feelings are, you can use these values and feelings to create powerful intentions. Then by remaining true to these intentions you remain in alignment with your truest path and your authentic self. You know that you have stepped off of your truest path and away from your authentic self by how you are feeling. For example, if you have set an intention around your core desired feeling of “adventurous” and you notice that you are feeling restless and bored, you know that you are not following your truest path and are not honouring your authentic self. By modifying your behaviour and changing the activities you are participating in, you can decrease or eliminate the feelings of restlessness and boredom, and begin feeling adventurous again – how’s that for an awesome internal compass!!

You might find that by setting intentions around your core values and desired feelings, you might not achieve the specific goals you started off setting, but what you will end up with will be exactly right for you.

So for 2014, rather than setting hard goals for the year, try flexible goals along with focused intentions that are based on your core values and core desired feelings and see what powerful magic and awesome changes you are able to manifest for yourself.

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