Manifesting a Magical 2014 - Gaining Clarity and Focus

Manifesting a Magical 2014: Gaining Clarity and Focus

Written by: Anne Bolender

Gaining Clarity involves more than getting focused on specific outcomes, activities or tasks, and setting goals – although focus and goals are a big part of gaining Clarity.

Clarity is tapping in to your internal compass, the one that unerr­ingly and continuously brings you back to your truest path and your authen­tic self.

One of the best ways to gain clarity is to identify your personal core values.

Personal core values are your internal drivers, they are the foundational characteristics of your truest self. They determine what your core desired feelings are. They identify what makes you happy. They help you identify your passions and purpose, They help you plan your ideal day.

Your Personal Core Values identify the authentic “you”.

Identifying you unique blend of personal core values can take a few days, weeks or even months to get the mix just right for you. But when you do identify your personal core values and start using them, your ability to manifest your ideal life skyrockets!!

Rather than explain the whole process of identifying your personal core values here, the whole process, plus a list of hundreds of personal core values can be found in my free Personal Core Values e-book. Click here to download your free copy of my e-book.

How to Gain Clarity Through Using Your Personal Core Values

There are two fantastic ways to use your personal core values:
1) is to determine your desired feelings. How do you want to feel on a daily basis? and
2) to set daily intentions that move you closer to your goals.

Suppose you determine that your top 3 core values are adventure, independence, and creative.  Once you’ve determine these core values, explore what feelings give you the feeling of honoring your core values. For example, with a core value of being adventurous – is the feeling that honors that core value curiosity? or research? or exploration? or being challenged? or discovery?

If one of your core values was independence, what feelings do you experience that support and honor your valuing independence – is it autonomy? self-reliance? strategic thinking?

When you have identified the feelings that relate to your individual core values, the next step is to set daily, weekly or monthly intentions that reflect and honor those feelings. For example, my intention this week is to explore a new area in the city that I live in (the shops, the architecture, the parks, etc). and to learn about Astrology (a subject I have been very curious about for a while now). This intention supports and honors core value of Adventure.

My intention for today is to do some online networking and public relations for my coaching services so that I can feel more self-reliant. This intention honors and supports my core value of independence.

In both cases, these intentions support my long-term goal of becoming a self-supporting, location-independent solopreneur.

What is interesting and awesome about this process is that even if my long-term goal changes, the daily, weekly and monthly intentions that I set that honor my core values and my core desired feelings, and keep me moving forward on my truest path and honoring my authentic self. I know when I move off of my truest path and away from my authentic self by how I am feeling – if I am not feeling my core desired feelings, I can easily modify my intentions and get back on track!

When I am following my core personal values, honoring my core desired feelings I continue moving forward on my truest path and honoring my authentic self. This is when manifesting magic becomes easy.

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