Manifesting a Magical 2014 - Act As If

Manifesting a Magical 2014: Relax and release all attach­ments to the out­come

Written by: Anne Bolender

As I mentioned in last Monday’s post, one of the most difficult things to accomplish in the manifesting process is to release all attachments to the outcome. We do, after all, try to manifest things that we want, things that we have an attachment to.

Today I would like to share two techniques that seem to work really well in helping manifestors release these attachments:

1) The first technique that I would like to share involves manifestors exploring exactly why they are wanting to manifest the items or activities that they are trying to manifest. When you look deep enough, people are really wanting to manifest specific feelings, not things.

When asked, most people would say that they want to manifest things like more money, a new career, a new car, a special relationship, a healthy body…….specific objects or items. With this first technique, if you were trying to manifest, for example, money, the first question to ask yourself is “Why do I want to manifest ‘money’?”

Is it the physical money that you are trying to attract – the paper bills (or plastic bills if you are in Canada!) and the metal coins? For most people, it’s not the actual physical money that they want. They are actually after something else – perhaps it is what money can buy, or a big bank account. So again, ask yourself why you want the things that money can buy? If you keep asking yourself why you want what you think you want, you will eventually get to the feeling you are trying to achieve through having money.

So rather than actually wanting money, most people who are trying to manifest more money into their lives are, in fact, actually wanting to bring a specific feeling into their lives. They want the feeling of comfort or security or affluence that money can buy or that money represents to them.

Feelings are relatively easy to manifest. For example, if you are wanting to bring more money into your life in order to feel more secure, try thinking of activities that you can do for yourself right now, in this specific moment in time, to help you feel more secure.

When you focus on the feeling you want to achieve (i.e. security), you release all attachment to the specific outcome you are trying to manifest (i.e. bring more money into your life). When you release all attachment to the specific outcome you are trying to manifest, but instead focus on achieving your desired feelings, other options open up to you that may be bigger or better than what you were originally trying to manifest.

I hope that made sense – email me if you have any questions 🙂

2) The other technique for releasing all attachments to your manifesting project  that I would like to share is a brilliant idea that I heard about recently – it involves creating an Incubator Box.

An Incubator Box is a small box that you can create any time that holds symbols of the things that you are trying to manifest.

The person who was telling us about the Incubator Box said that what she does is to turn the creation of an Incubator Box into a New Year’s Day ritual. She puts small symbols of what she would like to manifest over the coming year into the box (coins for more money; a pretend ticket to a location she wants to visit for more travel; a sample of what she wants her business day to look like for more clients), or she writes out  what she would like her ideal day to look like, or she adds pictures, etc.

She also adds some relevant essential oils, some words she has written out by hand (words like love, success, happiness, or maybe her core values), to the Incubator Box to bump up the power of the manifesting.

While she is creating the Incubator Box she burns candles, plays relevant music, and focuses her attention on each thing she is wanting to manifest during the year as she adds the relevant items to the box.

The trick is to focus totally and deeply of each item as you add it to the box, then close the box and put it away for the year. Let the Incubator Box hold your attachments to the things you are trying to manifest while you focus on generating the feelings you want these items or activities to support in your life.

At the end of the year, open the box and celebrate your successes.

I haven’t tried the Incubator Box yet, but am in the process of pulling all of the items together that I need in order to make one for myself on January 1st!!

I would love to hear if you have tried creating an Incubator Box or something like it, and if it worked for you.

The person who was telling us about this said that everything she had wanted to manifest and had identified in her Incubator Box had come true!!

Next week is Christmas week 🙂 There will be one post next week, on Monday, that will include both the article about “Trusting that the Universe will Deliver” and the tips and techniques that I would like to share on how to accomplish this.

‘Till then, Happy Manifesting 🙂

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