And by ‘LOVE’ I do not mean ‘like’ or ‘feel comfortable with’. I mean what aspects of your life or activities in your life do you love to the point where you could not live without them!

I started thinking about this the other day (yes, I know – dangerous at the best of times ­čÖé and about how I spend my time. What activities do I participate in: big and small, work and play,┬áreal and fantasy, and I even included daydreaming! What do I love to do versus what is just okay or even frustrating or stressful?

What shocked me was how few things I could readily and easily think of that I do on a day-to-day basis that I really love doing! Activities that light me up, that create sparks, and multi-colored fireworks, and cause my life to bubble over with enthusiasm and the unconditional unbridled joy usually associated with childhood.

What I realized was that my life was predictable and full of routine. I go to work to a job I like surrounded by people I like, most of the time. I come home to a family I love, most of the time, and spend time on hobbies and activities that I like. But this was all too serious. There was no fun in my life. No sparks! No fireworks! No passion! No play! No adventure! And one of my most treasured personal core values is adventure. What is wrong with this picture?

When did life get so serious?

Why did life remain so serious!?!

So I started making a list of all the things that I love about my life as it is right now, warts and monotones and all. Lists like this can be very informative. I took my time and made the effort to identify the things in my life that I really love!

OK. I’ll be the first to admit that the list was not very impressive and tended towards the short side. Even still I was quite surprised to see how many things I actually do love about my life, and the types of things I love about my life. And here I was thinking my life had become an endless stream of monotone so-so yawn inducing activities! Maybe there’s still a few sparks and fireworks in my life after all.

I was particularly surprised to notice how many little things there are in my life that I absolutely love! Things that are so much a part of my authentic self that I had taken them for granted. I had failed to notice and appreciate not only how much I love these things about me but how much I love having them in my life. Not everyone makes homemade lemon zucchini bread and tops it with homemade lemon curd but I do, and this is one of the little things that I love about me and my life.

Once I began to notice the little things that I love about my life, I also began to notice that the things that I love about Love Your Lifeme offer clear glimpses into what my authentic self looks like and feels like. They clearly represent my personal core values in one way or another, reminding me that I am, in many small ways, honor my authentic self every day. For example, one of my personal core values is creativity and baking helps me tap into that part of my authentic self. And this is why I love baking so much and why I can bring sparks and multi-colored fireworks back into my life every time I bake!!┬áSparks and fireworks and enthusiasm….oh my!! This is what life is all about.

It’s a start – but only a start! These small things that I love in about me and my life are turtle steps to uncovering my authentic self and honoring my personal core values.

Now it’s your turn. What do you love about your life? And what does this tell you about your authentic self?