Alignment Blue Flower

For Conscious Creators, the concept of alignment refers to the situation where you are a vibrational match for what you are trying to manifest.

So, for example, when you are in alignment with trying to create a new lifestyle, then you are a vibrational match with the lifestyle that you are trying to manifest; or when you are trying to manifest a new relationship, you are a vibrational match with that new relationship; or the career, business, house, car, income, etc, whatever it is that you are trying to manifest, you are in alignment with it when you are a vibrational match with it.

Sounds easy. After all, if what you are trying to manifest is what you truly desire, alignment should be easy peasy. Right??

Well, in all honesty, getting into alignment is a fairly tricky exercise, even for experienced Conscious Creators. But there are a few tips and tricks that can help improve our ability to get into alignment and manifest what we desire.

In my last post I wrote about what I refer to as The Alignment Trinity. If you haven’t read what that is all about, you can read the blog post here. Basically, the Alignment Trinity refers to your feelings, your thoughts, and your beliefs. In order to be a successful manifestor these three things must be in alignment, they must resonate in harmony.

While the Alignment Trinity is certainly an important part of that alignment/manifesting process, it’s not the only thing Conscious Creators need to be aware of in order to be in alignment and be truly successful manifestors.

Below is my list of things that, to me, are important parts of getting into alignment.

Four tips to help Conscious Creators get themselves into alignment with what they are trying to manifest are:

  1. Be very clear about what your personal core values are. Your personal core values are the basic codes that your soul uses to identify what makes you truly happy, what brings you the greatest amount of joy. Being in alignment with your personal core values is one way to help you be even deeper into alignment with what you are trying to manifest. If you are not sure what your personal core values are, you can grab a copy of my Personal Core Values e-book here. Or if you need some additional assistance identifying your Personal Core Values, you could check out my Personal Core Values Program here.

  2. Be very clear about what your intentions are. Are your intentions shaping how you speak and act in your daily life so you remain in alignment with what you are manifesting?

  3. Be sure that your Alignment Trinity really are in alignment. Do your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs match? Are your feelings, thoughts (including your focus and attention), and beliefs in harmony, sharing the same outcome or objective?

  4. Be very clear about what your goals (or objectives or outcomes) are. Do your goals reflect and support your personal core values? Do your goals match your intentions? Do your goals match the focus of your Alignment Trinity? Are you remaining flexible with your goal while remaining true to your intention?

Alignment2The final tip that I would like to share about getting into alignment comes from the very wise man, Lao Tzu:

Be content with what you have,
Rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
The whole world belongs to you

All efforts at successful alignment, all attempts at successful manifesting, all begin with being grateful for where you are in life, right here and right now.