Written by: Anne Bolender

I caught myself thinking recently. “Two years from now and I will be spending winters someplace warm and sunny. All I need to do is save $XX and I will finally be able to afford to enjoy winter!!”

OK, so this winter has been particularly rough – I think the Polar Vortex has taken up permanent residence in the sky right over my house!! But it got me thinking about how often we put off living today for the dream of better things to come.

We spend our ‘right now’ moments in the wistful realm of the “When I…, then I’ll…” dream. “When I lose weight, then I’ll…….”, or “When I have a better job, then I’ll….”, or “When I get a bigger apartment/house, then I’ll…”, or “When I retire, then I’ll…”

Or we set challenging well-defined goals for ourselves – by January 25 2016, I will be earning an income of $xxx,xxx per month, have xxxx monthly clients, xx employees, and 5,000 sq foot house and a Porsche. Then we focus so hard on accomplishing those goals that we miss every opportunity that comes along that would have allowed us to live the life we really want.

Even deliberate creators who know they can change the past and create their future do this mindfully, consciously by being vividly and intensely immersed in their ‘right now’.

Life is never not now. Life is always right now.

How are you making the most of your right now moments?

If my memory serves me well, I was thinking similar “When I..Then I’ll..” thoughts about winter around this time last year, and quite possibly the year before. The future is here and I am still planning for the same better future.

I am beginning to realise and really appreciate that when you get the hang of making the most of the ‘right now’ moments of your life, you don’t have to wait to live the life of your dreams – you already are. When you live mindfully and consciously aware of how you are feeling right now, and when you experience your core values and desired feelings vividly and intensely right now in everything you do, you don’t have to work towards achieving any goals because you are already there! You are already living the life.

If your goal is to lose weight because you believe this will make you feel beautiful and sexy – find a way to feel beautiful and sexy right now. Being beautiful and sexy is an attitude, not a physical attribute!!

If your goal is to earn a huge salary in order to feel, wealthy, abundant, affluent, generous, then find a way to feel all of those feelings right now.

What I am learning more intensely now than ever, is that powerful magic happens in the ‘right now moments’ – not sometime in the future.

What magic are you creating in your ‘right now moments’?


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