Manifesting a Magical 2014 - Act As If

Manifesting a Magical 2014: Act As If Your Desired Goal is Your Current Physical Reality


Written by: Anne Bolender

Our brains do not know the difference between ‘reality’ (the physical world around us) and an emotionally charged thought or a strongly held feeling!

When you think about it, there is no physical ‘reality’ in our brains – there are no trees, no roads, no people, no animals, no boss, no co-workers. When you split open a brain, all you see are various kinds of brain cells.

Everything we ‘know’ about our ‘physical reality’ is mediated through our perceptions and stored as neural connections and chemicals in our brains.

If we believe in something strongly enough, or feel something deeply enough, we remember it as if we have actually lived through the experience, or as if we have achieved our goals, or as if we have become the person we want to be.

This is where a lot of the magic of deliberate creation is found. And this is where a lot of deliberate creators have difficulties with their attempts at manifesting things. Far too often, we wait for our lives to change before we begin to feel the way we want the change to make us feel. We wait for more money to arrive before we begin to feel affluent. We wait for our weight to start dropping before we begin to feel self-confident or lovable. We wait for our first clients to arrive before we begin to feel like a powerful coach in high demand.

The problem with this approach is that in the waiting for the change to happen, we remain stuck feeling and acting as our old selves – the person who is feeling poor, fat, unloved, without clients.

A fundamental aspect of deliberate creation is that we attract more of what we are vibrating, and we vibrate how we feel. So while we continue to feel like our old selves, we attract more of our old self and the Universe is quite willing to send us more of the same old, same old.

In order for us to manifest a deliberately created change in our lives, it is much easier and far more powerful for us to change how we feel and what we think first. For us to act as if we have already achieved our goals and become the awesome authentic self of our dreams.

Even if our physical, external reality has not changed (we earn the same income as before, we work at the same job as before, we still have no clients, we haven’t lost the weight) when we believe we are living our dream we will start attracting our dream into our life. The Universe has no choice but to provide us with the opportunities we need to become the person we know, we feel, and we believe we already are.

My TnT Thursday post will proved several techniques that will help you Act As If you have deliberately created major transformations in your life.

In the meantime, try this: identify one small goal that you would like to manifest. For me this would be that I always manifest fabulous parking spots wherever I go. Now my goal is to Act As If I always attract fabulous parking spots wherever I go. So, when I think about going Christmas Shopping, I smile to myself knowing that I will have no problem finding a fabulous parking spot. One will open up for me in exactly the right moment, just as I arrive and am ready to park. When I talk to anyone about going shopping I always mention how I always find a fabulous parking spot every time I need one. The more I reinforce this thought of always attracting fabulous parking spots, the more I Act As If I am the type of person who always attracts fabulous parking spots, the more I vibrate the feeling I have when I find my fabulous parking spot, the more I will attract fabulous parking spots.

Your turn, what would you like to manifest this week?

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