Manifesting a Magical 2014Written by: Anne Bolender

Counting this week, there are only seven weeks left until the new year!! A brand spanking shiny new year that is loaded with all of the promise and potential that a new beginning can possibly hold.

Unencumbered by the past, unconcerned about the future, this tabula rasa provides us with a time to dream big. To forget about our worries and limiting beliefs, and to play the brilliantly inspiring game of “What if…?. What if I lost the weight? What if I got a better job? What if I moved to a new country? What if I sold everything and became a globe-trotting gypsy? What if I started my own business? What if I bought my own farm and raised horses?

What if your “what if…?” was more than just a game. We dream our specific dreams and make these specific resolutions every year for a reason. They are important to us. These dreams and resolutions are messages from our core essential self, letting us know that these specific dreams are part of the life we are meant to live.

Think of all of the New Year’s Resolutions you have made over the years. How many times have you made the same resolutions? How many years have you been dreaming the same dreams, wanting the same things to come into your life? Resolving that this year would be the year?

What if this coming year (2014) was the year your resolutions and personal transformations came true? What if you could manifest a magical 2014 for yourself?

The truth is that manifesting your dreams is possible. However, manifesting dreams is not always easy to do if you start cold with, for example, a New Year’s Resolution, and then try to make your Resolution come true through sheer willpower or belief alone. But, if you create a solid foundation in your life for manifesting to work, and if you incorporate some basic tools and techniques into your daily life, then manifesting dreams is possible.

Not sure how to prepare a solid foundation for powerful manifesting? Well, here’s how I can help.

Each week for the next six weeks I will be posting, right here in this blog, one manifesting foundation principle along with tools and techniques to help you implement that principle into your life. By the end of the six weeks, you will have both a strong foundation and a powerful toolkit that will help you turn your resolutions into your awesome new reality.

The foundational principles for manifesting a magical 2014 that we will be exploring over the next six weeks are, how to:
……….Make room for change
……….Gain clarity and focus
……….Act as if you are living your new reality right now
……….Relax and release all attachments to the outcome
……….Trust that the Universe will deliver
……….Get happy

Mondays will be Manifesting Mondays. Every Monday I will post information on one of these manifesting principles, explaining what each principle is all about, why its important and providing an example of how the principle works.

Thursdays will be Tips and Techniques Thursdays also known as TnT Thursdays Every Thursday for the next six weeks I will post some tips and techniques that will help you bring these principles into your life. None of these tips or techniques will take a lot of time or effort. Most of them will be easy tweeks that you can bring into your current lifestyle without delay.

To begin this series, I have a special tip just for you: Self Care.

In order for manifesting to work, particularly to the extent that most of us would like it to, requires physical and psychological energy. If you barely have enough energy to make it through the day, then it is going to be difficult for you to find the extra energy you need to manifest large outcomes.

Both before you begin manifesting and while you are in the process of manifesting, make sure you are practicing high levels of self care.

And by ‘Self Care’ I do not mean going to the day spa once in a while, nor do I mean sleeping in for an extra hour or two on Sundays, although both of these could be part of a good self care routine.

The kind of self care that is needed to manifest major changes in your life involves:

  • eating well (no, not just fruits and veggies, but being conscious of the impacts that food are having on your life, particularly on your energy levels),
  • getting appropriate amounts of sleep (enough so that you are feeling energized throughout the day but not so much that it leaves you feeling groggy all day)
  • getting some exercise (10 minutes a day should be enough, more would be better)
  • spending time participating in activities every day that honour your core values
  • spending time playing and having fun

The first principle that is going to be discussed here on Manifesting Mondays is making room for change. This should be fun!!

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